Our team have many years of experience leading and mentoring organizations in the adoption of agile. Together we have combined the best of Scrum, Kanban & LEAN to define an agile way of working for the continent of Africa in service of improving alignment between executives and the shop floor. Professional Agile enables organisations of all sizes to deliver customer and stakeholder value much faster while gaining the ability to respond faster to risks, regulatory change while de-risking delivery

Professional Agile

Professional Agile was created to help oganisations to deliver value faster by combining 3 Agile Frameworks


Invented by Ken Schwaber and Jeff Sutherland, Scrum dominates in the market.  Scrum helps organisations get to a Done increment of work, introduces empiricism into people’s thinking and adheres to some simple rules and guidelines.


Popular with teams that have to react to changing circumstances, Kanban helps organisations deliver value faster by limiting work in progress which guides teams to start finishing work rather than start multi tasking on more work


Lean looks at processes and helps guide organisations to understand more about their processes in service of minimizing waste while maximizing deliver of value

Professional Agile combines these frameworks in a way which makes sense to organisations of all sizes.