Each One Teach One

Each One Teach One

A Professional Agile Meetup

It is incredibly exciting seeing Agility unfolding in Africa. To watch a vision manifesting into physical reality. To be a part and right at the vanguard of a transforming Africa powered by Agile Leadership values and principles.

It is satisfying to have trained and freely shared knowledge with transformational leaders who in turn inspire and transform others and keep the circle going and growing. There is immense power and sustainability in this.

Investing time, energy and passion. Humbly sharing and downloading what is in your brain. Freely contributing your skill and expertise. All of these things have a deep positive impact on everyone around you and everything you do. I can only truly tell you what I have actually experienced.

One of our regular Blue Ocean Agility Meetups participants (Alex Kweku Awere-Kyere) shared a powerful presentation last Monday night. It was titled ‘Agile as a Way of Life’. I cannot express fully the strength of the sense of pride that I feel when I watch somebody who once knew nothing or very little about Agile ably and competently present to others.

Yesterday was the fourth time this year that a growing Agile Leader has presented at the Blue Ocean Agility Meetup and each presenter has been super excellent. The content of their presentation has been well researched, delivered in a way that shows complete grasp of their subject matter and they have each presented with ease, style and attitude.

The driving force powering all of this is a deep collaboration between Blue Ocean Agility and Agile Capability, the team behind Professional Agile. Between us we are using Professional Agile training and certification to homegrow Professional Agile practitioners.

The vision is alive and well and growing. A magical, powerful and positive force has been unleashed. There is no turning back and the signs are that this will grow amazingly and exponentially.

AfricAgility: Watch this space.

“When it is coming, it is doing” (an African saying).

Kwaku Ampomah

Kwaku Ampomah

Kwaku Ampomah AKA ScrumDaddy

I am a Pan African Agile Evangelist & Disruptor. Creating, Inventing and Facilitating and Transforming Africa with Professional Agile.

I am a seasoned Agile Practitioner and have coached teams in India, Spain, Italy, United Kingdom and in Ghana. I have worked with prominent global organisations and in a wide spectrum of industries including: energy, telecommunications, marketing & advertising, loyalty, transport, water management, education, finance, arts, sport etc. My passion, mission, vision is harnessing that global experience and combining it with Professional Agile to positively transform Africa.

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