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As an internationally-recognised accreditation and certification body, our commitment to our larger agile learning community is to ensure we work with training providers equipped to deliver top-quality learning experiences

An Agile mindset helps you adopt a new way of thinking. Many Agile frameworks provide theory as to how to help teams execute in an Agile way. Professional Agile goes a step further by providing all participants with access to ACT, a tool that continuously guides you and your team or organisation to adopt an Agile approach, resulting in sustainable agility enacted through people, not  processes. ACT will also allow you to tailor Agile for your context. It gives you the flexibility to blend Agile frameworks and invent new frameworks to maximize collaboration and innovation in service of delivering value faster.

Executives and human resource departments recognise that Professional Agile certified candidates stand out from the crowd, because it shows you’ve already acquired the knowledge and mindset to deliver high quality,  high value work much faster than your non agile colleagues. Having a Professional Agile  certification shows you are already ahead of the trend

Your Agile journey starts by attending a Professional Agile course and gaining certification by passing a stringent exam. Whereas many classes are theoretical and leave you to contemplate how to start, during our courses you’ll get the chance to “learn by doing” and on completion you’ll leave with the tools, a software app and mindset, that will enable you to immediately start improving organisations and mastering Agile

All of our courses give you limited access to ACT The Agile Capability Tool “ACT”

ACT enables everyone from beginners to experts to visualise the Agility of teams, individuals or small businesses or even multi national organisations.

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