Become a Professional Agile Virtual Training Company

Become a training company without having to train and employ any personnel or own a classroom!

How it works

  1. Signup with us and meet some basic criteria
  2. Get your Specialized URL e.g.
  3. Get access to our Virtual Training Company area where you’ll find all the materials you’ll need to successfully market our courses
  4. Market to companies or individuals anywhere in your allocated region, for example the Volta Region, via your personal and professional connections, social media or email lists
  5. Book at least 20 people onto one of our courses
  6. Get paid up to 50% of the total proceeds via Momo, paypal or your bank after completion of the course

Get Started

Are you a Recruitment Company?

If you’re in the recruitment industry, find out how you can work with us to fill Roles requiring certified Agile personnel