About Professional Agile

In a rapidly changing world, Professional Agile enables organisations to delight their customers by delivering value faster. Professional Agile is the only Agile framework designed by Africans for Africans to address the difference in context between the West and Sub-Sahara African economies. Borne from the minds of a team with worldwide experience in every vertical market, Professional Agile harnesses Professional Scrum, Kanban and Lean Development in service of helping African organisations deliver value rapidly.


The Certified Professional Agile Executive course teaches you how to be an effective Professional Agile champion. By taking this course you will attain additional real-world skills on how to future proof your organisation

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Products & Services

The Professional Agile Product Owner course teaches you the Professional Agile approach to Product Ownership. You'll attain all of the knowledge and skills to produce customer centric value much faster

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The Professional Agile Scrum Master course teaches the basics of Servant Leadership. At the end of the course participants will have attained all of the knowledge and skills to successfully perform the role of Scrum Master

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Team Members

The Certified Professional Agile Team Member course teaches you how to be an effective member of a Professional Agile team. By taking this course you will attain all the skills to deliver value rapidly

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Foundational Knowledge

The Certified Professional Agile Foundations course teaches you the basics of Professional Agile. This essential course provides the grounding on which additional Professional Agile skills can be built

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The Certified Professional exams are designed to test your knowledge and ultimately prove your proficiency. Although all of our courses include an attempt at passing the exam you are free to purchase an exam without attending a course

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Professional Agile

Professional Agile Benefits

All businesses aspire to increase the throughput of customer centric value while equipping their organisations to respond effectively to planned & unplanned events. Professional Agile, when implemented well, manifests itself in a number of ways that produce these traits in a spectacular manner

Faster Delivery
Managing Changing Priorities
Better Value Stream Alignment
Increased Productivity
Better Quality of Work

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